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glass curtain wall | Various types of curtain walls with price range

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In the best markets of the world there are various types of curtain wall, the best of which are glass curtain wall. Glass walls are just one of the curtain wall types that have been widely accepted by architects and executives of construction projects due to the advances in technology in the construction industry. One of the main advantages of these walls is the low cost of maintenance, installation and high durability. The glass curtain wall cost is both cost-effective during the installation and maintenance phase, and along with other specialized reasons is a good justification for its ever-expanding use in different countries.

glass curtain wall | Various types of curtain walls with price range

How are glass curtain walls produce?

How are glass curtain walls produce?Curtain walls are new building materials that have attracted the attention of many designers and architects because of their light weight and low cost in the construction industry. Glass slab walls consist of two main parts:

  1. Holder structure
  2. Filler materials.

 Although the original structure of the first masonry walls was made of steel, today this type of facade is generally designed and manufactured using extruded aluminum profiles. Due to the fact that aluminum frames are often filled with glass, they provide natural light to the interior, and from an architectural point of view they provide a very nice look.

Walls run in 3 ways:

  1. Stick system curtain wall
  2. Ladder system curtain wall
  3. Unitized system curtain wall

Curtain walls according to the designers’ requirements and considering the requirements of the building and the factors such as shrinkage and thermal expansion of vibrations and building motions due to wind and earthquake forces, effective sealing and air conditioning, thermal insulation to reduce heating costs and Cooling, sound insulation and lighting are designed and implemented in the building and are the most appropriate way of displaying in buildings with multiple floors.

What is pressure plate in curtain wall?

What is pressure plate in curtain wall?Glass curtain walls can be installed on site and do not need to be manufactured in the factory. While curtain wall installation, a number of things should be considered, the most important of which are the glass curtain wall details during operation.

The designers of these walls are required to explain to the contractors the exact details of the implementation and how to install the parts of these walls on an executive map. Pressure plate is one of the components that is important in the implementation and installation of the curtain wall. The metal pressure plate is located on the outside of the wall, which is attached to members of the metal frame inside the building.

It can be said that the pressure plate in the introduction of the details of the glass curtain wall is a metal plate that is located on the outside of the wall and is attached to the interior of the building and is a kind of glass wall retainer on the outside of the building.

How thick is a glass curtain wall?

How thick is a glass curtain wall?Another material used for dry facade, which is of interest to architects because of its unique nature and properties, is the glass slab wall facade. The curtain wall is a transparent cover for the facades of modern and modern buildings that never carry the dead of the building, and the only weight they can bear is its own weight and the force of wind applied to it.

One of the noteworthy details is the thick glass walls of these glass which should be as much as possible. There are two types of thicknesses for glass on these walls:

  • 6 mm thick for insulated glass
  • 25 mm thick for the rest of building

The 6 mm thickness is most commonly used at spandrel points and the 25 mm thickness is for insulating glass.

How much does a glass curtain wall cost?

How much does a glass curtain wall cost?The cost of a glass curtain wall can be divided into two main parts:

  • The cost of buying the parts and profiles needed to run the glass wall.
  • Costs of installing and executing walls and manpower required.

These costs generally do not require much budget. In addition, after the installation of the curtain walls, the cost of maintaining these walls is also taken into account, which fortunately does not require much money for this.

Generally speaking, the implementation of glass curtain wall for a variety of buildings is very effective in reducing construction costs. In addition, these walls have many other benefits, including:

  • Full insulation of moisture, heat and sound.
  • Optimization in light transmission and ambient temperature.
  • Reducing energy consumption.
  • Lightweight structure and reduced dead load.
  • High speed execution.
  • Great beauty and charm at night and day.
  • to be economical.
  • Appropriate stress behavior against earthquake force.

What is the difference between a window wall and a curtain wall?

What is the difference between a window wall and a curtain wall?The window wall is one of the traditional facade walls used in the past to separate the interior and exterior of a building. The glass curtain wall is also used for this purpose but differs from the window wall. These differences are briefly related to:

  • The appearance of the wall.
  • The weight of the wall that enters the main structure.
  • Wall running costs.
  • The amount of light and light that passes through these walls.
  • Wall resistance to side loads on the wall.
  • The degree of insulation of walls against weather conditions.

Each of these is a formidable influence on the design and calculation of the building and is therefore very important in the design and implementation of a building project. Since glass curtain walls in many of the above cases are better than window walls, it has become more popular in recent years in various construction.

Latest price range of glass curtain walls on global market

Latest price range of glass curtain walls on global market The most recent prices of these modern glass walls can be evaluated on a global basis by different criteria. As mentioned earlier, the costs for glass curtain walls can be categorized into two general sections, and these are priced on the basis of these criteria.

It is important to note about the sliding walls of the various markets that are active in buying and selling this product around the world. Certainly the costs of producing and running this product in different markets are different.

A good market for this product that can be reasonably priced for your purchase while maintaining your desired quality and compliance with the standard in its production is the world market of Iran. Major purchase and purchase from this market is simply possible while prices in this market are strangely cheap for equal quality.

How to find glass curtain walls producers?

How to find glass curtain walls producers? It’s easy to find curtain wall manufacturers these days. Despite the wide reach of this product worldwide, it is easy to find the best manufacturers of this product in the modern building materials market, with easy links such as Internet search.

You can study the market of different countries online for cheap purchase of these building materials. With the good information you get from this route you will also find that you can buy the best quality curtain walls at the cheapest prices in the Iranian market.

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