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curtain wall design | Most expensive curtain walls 2019

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Curtain wall design is very important for customers. It is true that curtain walls are there to have several functions but changes the look of buildings a lot. Sellers and installers that offer newer and more beautiful curtain wall designs have certainly more customers in the market. Most expensive curtain wall 2019 are the ones that use high quality material for production. 

No doubt that many people in many countries are familiar with this product but there is still need for more informing actions. This leads to more customer attraction and in result more production and money making for manufacturers and other people involved in this business. One of the important aspects of any product is customer services. The same thing is true about curtain walls. 

curtain wall design | Most expensive curtain walls 2019

How to build a curtain wall?

How to build a curtain wall?Curtain wall construction details show that making this product needs accurate calculation and advanced machines for making the components. Before anything is produced, the design of the work should be clear. Then the parts are made accordingly. Any deviation from the calculated measure will lead to a big problem in installation. 

In building a curtain wall, first, the material for frames and vision parts are chosen. Needless to say that some companies are only able to make limited kind of them. Curtain building have become a very specialized job. That is why customers choose companies that have a specialized product as well.

This way they make the items they are buying has a high quality and the company can help them in the future if any thing happens with the product.  

What are the differences between curtain walls?

What are the differences between curtain walls?Curtain wall types are as follows:

  • Unitized curtain walls
  • Stick curtain walls

This names may give some clues about the difference between these two models. The first ones, as in the name, the walls as a whole unit. These units are made and assembled in the factory and then taken to the installation site. Because the units may be very big, the transportation will be hard for sure. 

Stick curtain walls are also made in the factory but they can be separated and again assembled in the project site. According to experience and as it seems the installation will take a lot of time and therefore, the workforce ask for a lot of money. However, it has several advantages and it is the choice of many people. 

What is curtain wall in culvert?

What is curtain wall in culvert?There are box culverts that are used for making bridges over streams of water or other places. Curtain walls can be installed on the sides of these boxes. Like on the building, the curtain wall can work as a preventer and as a beauty factor. The material that producers use for this kind of curtain wall is usually consistent with the environmental conditions. 

Curtain wall in box culverts are becoming very popular around the world. Where ever there is the possibility for installation these walls, customers can find related companies and submit their orders. Here, customers are those people that work in road and transportation areas of business. The fact that curtain walls have different usages make them very interesting things. 

What is the difference between cladding and curtain walling?

What is the difference between cladding and curtain walling?In the construction world people may hear two different words that are used for buildings:

  1. Cladding
  2. Curtain walls

Both of these coverings are used for building protection. The main different is that claddings are attached to the structure and are a part of it in fact. But curtain walls are put and installed in front of building floors and are not a part of structure. 

Cladding is there to protect the material of the wall. And therefore, it is installed as a layer over it. Each of these protective elements have their own pros and cons. It is up to the customer to choose from them. Apparently, curtain walls are selling more these days in the market. This is due to many reasons but experience of other people has a crucial role. 

How does curtain wall work?

How does curtain wall work?Learning about curtain wall details helps a lot with knowing how do the wall works. As it was mentioned earlier, it has a protective role for building. But it is important to know what is the walling protecting. First of all, the wall is there to keep the interior parts safe from the exterior elements. 

Therefore, no water and dust can penetrate a building that has a curtain wall in front of it. The wall is also a protector of the heat or the cool air inside a building. This way the place is warmer during the winter and cooler during summer. It can, therefore, help with saving much energy. The quality of curtain wall components can determine how successful the wall could be in doing its job!

Whole Building Design Guide For Curtain walls

Whole Building Design Guide For Curtain wallsAs it was mentioned before, unitized models are used for tall buildings. Whole building design of curtain walls usually consider unitized models for installation. There are many points that could help with the design job. First of all, designer should know what material for vision part is most appropriate for the kind of design they are having. 

For instance, if the design wants a curve view, then the material should be chosen that have the adequate flexibility to make the curve possible. In whole building designs the calculations and measurements should be taken seriously. That is because small mistakes will make the installation almost impossible. Therefore, designing is a very sensitive job and clever, knowledgeable, and experienced people should it. 

Most important uses of curtain wall systems

Most important uses of curtain wall systems Earlier above the advantages of curtain walls were mentioned. However, there is one special positive aspect of these walls that less people know about. Fire may happen to every building. It may start from lower floors and then spread to upper ones or vice versa. In any case, curtain walls can slow down the fire spread in a floor and to other floors.
This means it can buy a lot of time for fire department to come and put the fire out. This will lead to less damage to the building and what ever is in it. Knowing this fact about curtain walls may convince any one in charge of tall buildings to install a wall. There are other advantages, too, for sure.

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