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curtain wall facade | Major distributors & delears of curtain walls

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In simple terms, Curtin Wall’s view is a vertical enclosure that does not bear any burden other than its own weight and environmental pressures. In recent years, the demand for custom systems has increased, This is due to the high capability of this type of system to solve a particular challenge in each project, which has greatly increased the popularity of the system over the past five years. Curtain wall facade is now popular all around the world and in the most of the big and famous projects you can find curtain wall facades. 

The Curtain Wall views do not burden the building itself, and the only forces that endure are one of their own weight and the other of the lateral forces such as the wind. There are many different types of Curtain Wall facades, and the most commonly used ones you may have seen are glass curtain walls. Important features of Curtain Wall include thermal insulation, moisture, acoustic, which optimize ambient temperature and light. 

curtain wall facade | Major distributors & delears of curtain walls

What are the important standards about curtain walls?

What are the important standards about curtain walls?Curtain walls because they are very lightweight structures reduce the overall load on the building and also have good earthquake behavior. Curtain Walls are the chassis and lamellae that are installed surround the project and the glass to be installed as a facade of the building, do not install on the building, it is install on the curtain walls structure. As we said, the main building of Curtain Wall is made of chassis and lamellae and then glass or other coatings are installed on them. 

As you know curtain wall types are different and we have huge variety of curtain walls on global market. Each variety of the curtain walls has some special standards. Usually most of the producers around the world know the important standards about curtain walls and they are producing curtain walls based on those important standards. Important standard about the curtain walls is their durability In front of the earthquake. 

How thick should glass curtain walls be?

How thick should glass curtain walls be?Depending on the type of execution, Curtin Wall views are divided into three groups: 

  • Frame type : There are different sizes of frames for curtain walls. 60mm frames, 50mm frames, 60mm frameless and 50 mm frameless. 
  • Semi Unitized System : In this case, vertical profiles are underutilized. They have high resistance to vibration and earthquake. And generally the dimensions are 2 x 5 cm. 
  • Unitized system : In this case, since the profiles have been executed at the project site since the project was executed, it has high execution speed and completion. The glass will also be transported to the project site with proper packaging as the project is implemented. One of the very important advantages of this method is that it can be implemented without the need to install a scaffold. 

As you can see there are different types of curtain wall on the market. Thichkness of the glass of the curtain walls depends on different factors, such as the sizes of the frames, place of the project, Area conditions and etc. so that we have different thicknesses of glasses used in curtain wall systems. 

How are curtain walls design?

How are curtain walls design?As you know and as it was mentioned above we have different types of curtain wall details on the market with different designs. Curtain wall installation is a specialty work that should done with someones expert. In recent years in most of the big projects all around the world you can see the curtain walls. Using curtain walls in big buildings have too many different properties. Because Curtin Wall is not considered a building component, it can be manufactured from lightweight materials to reduce building costs, which is one of the benefits of Curtin Wall. In addition to preventing water from seeping in, it also prevents heat loss inside. 

The high quality of construction and high speed of execution and the presentation of beautiful and varied designs are other benefits of the Curtin Wall facade that is nowadays welcomed. 

There are many different companies around the world that are producing and designing curtain walls. you can talk with these companies to design a beautiful and eye catching facade for your project. 

Who are the best designers of curtain walls?

Who are the best designers of curtain walls?Curtain Wall Facade consists of a combination of aluminum profiles and mounting fittings with weather insulation and a coating material. Curtin Wall in the popular sense refers to a building exterior facade that is not part of the building structure. It can be said that Curtin Wall is one of the most beautiful modern facades that has special features due to the glass and aluminum used. 

There are different producers around the world that are professionally producing and selling various types of curtain walls. These famous brands and companies are also designing curtain walls for different types of buildings and projects. Most of the curtain wall selling companies have expert designers for desigining best and most beautiful curtain walls. 

Can we use curtain walls in offices?

Can we use curtain walls in offices?Curtaon Wall glass has many uses today and has become popular due to its quick installation and beauty inside and out. This building facade is completely industrial and is actually a category of dry facades, ie ventilated facades. Curtain wall facade can be installed in most types of the buildings. In tall towers and building we can install glass curtain wall facade and even in small office buildings we can use curtain wall facade. Curtain walls can be installed in all types of the buildings around the world. 

Most expensive types of curtain walls

Most expensive types of curtain walls Curtain wall facade detail depends on its designs. There are many different designs with huge variety of details. As mentioned, glass was used in the Curtain Wall view, but occasionally metal panels or natural stones can be used instead of the glass in some types of curtain walls. There are different types of curtain walls on the market and their prices depends on their designs , the materials that will use for installing them and too many other important factors. Curtain wall design guide manual can be found on the internet. 

Wholesalers & major distributors in Iran

Wholesalers & major distributors in Iran All around the world there are some big manufacturers of glass curtain walls. Iran is one of the biggest curtain wall producer and exporter in the middle east. There are some famous brands in the Iran that are working from several years ago and are producign various types of glass curtain walls. Iranian curtain walls are cheaper than other countries products and it can be more profitable for you to buy in bulk from Iranian suppliers and distributors.

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