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Composite profile system Local Suppliers

Composite profile system Local Suppliers :

What is a composite profile system? The composite aluminum facade is one of the facades that has attracted many fans and has countless advantages.

This facade can be used in various buildings such as office buildings, commercial, recreational, and houses and gives a unique beauty to the building and the city space.

These panels are a combination of two layers of aluminum sheet and one layer of polyethylene materials and are marketed in a wide range of colors according to customers’ tastes.

Composite profile system Local Suppliers

The Specifications of composite profile system

The Specifications of composite profile system Composite aluminum panels were first used in Germany for building facades. Different aluminum panels or sheets are used in the execution of the composite facade. One of the most important advantages of a composite aluminum sheet is its resistance to climate change.

If these sheets are exposed to moisture, they will not suffer from corrosion and rust, and in addition, sunlight will not shorten their durability and life. The surface of composite aluminum sheets is smooth and polished, so they reflect sunlight and absorb a small amount of heat.

The composite aluminum facade can be used in tropical regions with high temperatures and is in fact a heat-resistant material. The polyethylene layer placed on the composite panels creates a kind of thermal barrier that leads to energy savings and optimization.

This view changes color less than other views. The weight of composite aluminum panels is very light and does not put additional load on the structure. In addition, the lightweight of these products has made them easy to transport and install.

These panels are a kind of sound and heat insulation because the polyethylene layer, which is located in the middle of two layers of aluminum, not only prevents heat transfer but also reduces the amount of noise in the building. Aluminum is a heat-resistant material and will not deform if the facade created with this material is exposed to fire. In painting these sheets, various color coatings are used, which are in accordance with the tastes of architects and builders, and make the facade of the building extremely attractive. The beauty and variety of colors of the composite aluminum facade have made its use more widespread day by day and more people are eager for this facade.

Focal supplier of composite profile system

Focal supplier of composite profile system Valid Aluminum is one of the best and most reputable aluminum facade panels suppliers in the country. Composite sheets have different qualities and applications depending on the type of aluminum alloy, thickness, outer layer color, and middle layer material. Some of these sheets are used in building facades and others in interior decoration, so you should be careful when buying composite panels.

The method of execution and installation of a composite facade is a very effective factor in the price of the composite facade. Depending on the type of preparation, the number of sheets required, and the materials needed for the substructure, the costs of execution and installation of the composite facade will be different. Due to market fluctuations, the price of aluminum facade panels in the market varies. The price list of aluminum facade panels is provided to buyers by composite profile system wholesalers all over the country. composite profile system price depends on several factors, some of which are:

  •  Type of composite sheet brand
  •  Thickness and quality of composite sheets
  • Dimensions of the composite sheet
  • Design and color of the composite sheet
  • Having special fire-fighting conditions and scratch-resistant layers

Aluminum composite sheets have a special place in the design of building facades and have different applications due to their significant advantages. Composite aluminum panels with standard dimensions of 320 x 125 are available in the market and are easily available.

The lightweight of aluminum facade panels has made it easier to use these panels. Execution and installation of composite panels are done by professionals according to the desired plan and design. 

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