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Colored Anodized Aluminium Industries

Aluminum is a soft and elastic metal and has a wide range of applications in various industries. For better use of aluminum in the industry, it can be hardened or for decorative use and a beautiful facade can be painted aluminum. Colored anodized aluminium industry is one of the methods that make these parts and accessories more durable and high quality. To buy these products and place your orders, contact our sales experts.

Colored Anodized Aluminium Industries

Using Colored Anodized Valid Aluminium at Home

 Using Colored Anodized Valid Aluminium at Home As you know, one of the concerns of manufacturers of aluminum parts is painting it. Aluminum alone is corrosion resistant and there is no possibility of peeling or cracking. But if it is exposed to constant moisture, it may reduce the durability and beauty of the appearance. Therefore, the method of aluminum anodizing is used. In this case, colored aluminium will never face problems such as corrosion, even in the wettest weather.

Aluminum anodizing service, which is an electrochemical process, can make the metal facade of the building resistant to strong sunlight. The advantage of using facades with aluminum anodizing services compared to powder paint services is the durability of its color spectrum, which will be unchanged for more than 40 years, while aluminum facades with powder paint services against UV rays last up to 20 years.

Aluminum anodizing services are widely used, including aluminum facades of buildings, aluminum doors and windows, aluminum parts used in the metal facade of the drug design of industrial profiles. Colored anodized sheets can be used in various industries such as architecture and construction and they are widely used in indoor and outdoor spaces. These sheets can be used to make all kinds of aluminum doors and windows, military equipment, facade metal sheets, ceilings, home appliances and the like.

Colored Anodized Aluminium Sheets Dealer

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