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Best aluminium producer in middle east

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Who are aluminium producer in middle east? Aluminum is one of the most popular products on the world market and comes in many varieties. You can identify the types of aluminum on the market and the features of each of the aluminum shutters by visiting the websites. If you want to buy the best quality aluminum, it is best to buy the best brands of aluminum.

Best aluminium producer in middle east

Best types of aluminium in middle east

Best types of aluminium in middle east

Aluminum sheet from 40 mm thick to 10 mm thick

Aluminum corrugated sheet from 1 mm to 5 mm thick

Aluminum embossed sheet in thicknesses of 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 1 mm

Aluminum punch sheets in different thicknesses and diameters of different holes

Trapezoidal aluminum sheet trapezoidal, sinusoidal and chandelier

Ribbed aluminum sheet in the dimensions of 244 * 122

Aluminum sheet is a simple sheet with dimensions of 2000 * 1000 mm

Types of aluminum sheets in dimensions of 2500 * 1250 mm

Aluminum corrugated sheet of four almond lines with a thickness of 1 to 5 mm

 In the dimensions of 2000 * 1000 millimetres and 1250 * 2500 millimetres

Aluminum coil sheet (roll) according to customer’s order

Embassy aluminum sheet (rhombus)

Natural anodized sheet from 5 tenths to 2 mm

Dec-oral colored aluminum foil (wood design), electrostatic and colored anodizing

Shadolain aluminum sheet, trapezoid and sinusoidal (shutters)

Aluminum punch sheet (round, rectangular, corrugated)

Designed aluminum sheet according to customer’s order for building facade and decoration

Buy high-quality aluminium producer in middle east

Buy high-quality aluminium producer in middle east

 The growth of the Aluminium Middle East has led to the construction of several downstream industrial units, with a total investment of $ 40 billion in the sector and the smelting unit. The aluminum industry accounts for between 4% and 12% of GDP for countries in the Persian Gulf region, creating 11,000 different job opportunities in the region and creating 30,000 indirect job opportunities, and the cost of producing this metal in the Persian Gulf is very low.

At present, most smelters have the latest production technology and equipment, so it is expected that in the long run, this industrial sector will have a high income. Despite the high demand for aluminum from the European, US and Asian markets, there are currently problems with the expansion of the industry in the Persian Gulf region, the most important of which is the supply of aluminum. All the smelting units in the region are dependent on imported aluminum. However, the practice that has dominated the region’s aluminum activities for the past 40 years poses no threat to the industry. for more information please contact our sale experts.

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