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Aluminium louver facade reliable suppliers

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Today, builders, other, like the past, are not limited to the use of materials such as bricks, stones or cement, and there are plenty of materials for building facility. One of the most popular views in the modern and modern buildings is an aluminum view. we want to introduce the best aluminium louver facade.

Aluminium louver facade reliable suppliers

Introduction to aluminium louver facade

Introduction to aluminium louver facade The aluminum view is actually an aluminum sheet view that is installed on the outer wall of the building with the specific panel of the designer. The names of these views are specialized, the composite view.

The composite view was first invented and produced for the first time in Germany, but was not welcomed because of the lack of proper quality at that time and the restrictions on its design and implementation.

Last with the advancement of technology and the emergence of modernity in architecture, the use of aluminum composite views was considered as designers and construction architects.

The aluminum composite sheet consists of three layers. These layers include two layers of aluminum plate with a thickness of 3 to 0.5 mm and a layer of polyethylene materials with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm. The external layer of this view has an epoxy resin lining and a PVDF layer in order to stabilize the color.

On the surface of the aluminum composite sheet, the film layer is also protected. Aluminum composite sheet, according to the thickness, type of aluminum alloy of layers, the color type used in the outer shell and the type of material used in the middle layer, gives a wide variety of different variations.

Of course, it’s interesting to know that each of the types of composite sheets has a specific quality and application. What are the benefits of using aluminum composite view? Composite aluminum sheets have a lot of advantages and are used in the facades of the buildings because of being the benefits and advantages.

The viewed view with the composite aluminum sheet has unique features and in modern facades, has always been considered by architects and designers. Aluminum composite is resistant to temperature variations.

This type of composite is resistant to temperature variations from a negative temperature of 50 ° C without any changes in quality, with regard to the unique characteristics of the temperature. This type of composite is also a moisture insulation.

Buy aluminium louver facade from real supplier

Buy aluminium louver facade from real supplier

In fact, with the creation of space between the composite aluminum sheets of the building, a kind of thermal insulation is created. From a different look, it can be said that by creating the air flow behind compound panels, the heat in the environment does not penetrate into the building. 

Therefore, composites are also considered as a kind of thermal insulation. The use of aluminum composite view also has other benefits. Installing this facade is very easy and fast. 

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