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Affordable aluminium curtain wall frame price list

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Affordable aluminium curtain wall frame price list can be asked from reputable wholesalers. these systems apply by to ways. in this article you will know more about these systems.

Affordable aluminium curtain wall frame price list

Fluctuation rate of aluminium curtain wall frame price

Fluctuation rate of aluminium curtain wall frame price

The curtain wall as a system, also called a light facade, can be defined as the self-supporting external envelope made up of linear elements, joined together and anchored to the main structure of the building. 

The objective is to provide the facade with the usual requirements of an external enclosure through the panel-type filler elements; practicable or fixed, but without contributing to bear the structural loads of the building. The components of a light facade are as follows:

  • Structural elements
  • Filler elements. practicable or fixed 

The light facades, or curtain wall, are generally designed in the form of a grid, so that its structural elements can be divided into vertical and horizontal, commonly called uprights and crossbars respectively. Curtain Wall’s facade is classified into two categories in terms of appearance and visual form: glass frame and face cup.

Frame less Curtain Wall System: The Curtain Wall Frame less system has a frame that frames the glass from the back and is held on a slide by means of special aluminum bites, and from the outside of the building only June between the glass will be seen.

Face Cap system: In the Face Cap system, Curtain Wall aluminum structures (lamellae) do not have an edge to secure the glass in place, but after the glass is placed on the lamellae, a drain or profile holder in The outer facade is screwed onto the base of the lamellae and holds the glass, preventing it from overturning, and sealing the facade completely.

On this holder, various caps with a width of 5 cm and different lengths and shapes are installed. These caps are visible on the surface of the facade in the curtain wall facade and are considered when designing the facade. for fluctuation rate of Aluminum Frame Curtain Wall, you can contact to reliable wholesalers. also you can contact to our sale expert for daily prices.

Latest aluminium curtain wall frame price list in 2020

Latest aluminium curtain wall frame price list in 2020

The price per square meter of Curtain Wall facade varies according to the method of execution and its type.

these systems for light facades are made of aluminum, differing mainly into two groups according to their construction configuration:

STICK SYSTEM: These curtain wall systems are the most traditional and are made up of the juxtaposition of profiles, uprights and crossbars, generally forming a framework. Its design allows to incorporate opaque, semi-transparent or transparent panels. Transport and assembly on site is carried out individually for each component.

MODULAR SYSTEM: it is considered an evolution of the stick system. The modules are made up of uprights, crossbars and the required filler and opening elements. The modules are pre-assembled in the workshop so that, after finishing, they can be placed directly on site.

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