Consulting and Ordering

Consulting and Ordering


The most straightforward and cost-effective approach to get a smooth glass surface is using a frameless glass facade or curtain walls. The reason is that only one-centimeter seam is visible from the outside, and the rest is of the glass. Use a frameless window if money is crucial to you and you want a low-priced smooth glass in a short amount of time. The frameless window is not much suggested for residential apartments and is more helpful for office units.


Skylights, nowadays, have an effective role in building architecture. It’s called “skylight” because it reflects the light of the sky. They may supply both light and ventilation. The electricity usage may be decreased as a result of the increased natural light from skylights, and during the colder months, skylights can add to space heat gain and reduce the need for heating. Aside from the good environmental impact of using less power, skylights have the potential to lower electric costs as well.


We supply all kinds of modern exterior design or facade supplies such as Aluminum louver(louvers made of aluminum have a specific function inside a structure. They provide energy efficiency, weather, plant, and machinery protection.), Dry Ceramic, and Stone (This ceramic has specific properties including High-speed installation, Prevention of cold air penetration, Reasonable price, and it gives a nice look to the building.), Aluminum handrails(Which are aluminum pipes or profiles that are on the upper side of all stairways or balconies that have a railing for safety and appearance, such as office, commercial, residential, sports, and so on.), and Aluminum Profiles, and stuffs needed for their installations.


Product Price List

Product NameDescriptionPackage typeStockPrice
Curtain Wall profile-CustomAvailableFill in the Form
Thermal break door and window profiles-CustomAvailableFill in the Form
Simple and normal door and window profilesCustomAvailableFill in the Form
Louvre, spindle and rectangle-CustomAvailableFill in the Form
Frameless profile-CustomAvailableFill in the Form
Aluminium profile-CustomAvailableFill in the Form
Dry ceramic tools-CustomAvailableFill in the Form
Skylight and roof windows-CustomAvailableFill in the Form

Product List

Product Name
Curtain Wall profile
Thermal break door and window profiles
Simple and normal door and window profiles
Louvre, spindle and rectangle
Frameless profile
Aluminium profile
Dry ceramic tools
Skylight and roof windows
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In 2020, the worldwide facade market was worth USD 217.9 billion, and it is anticipated to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 6.4 percent from 2021 to 2028. The increase in construction-related activity has been a key driver of the industry. In addition, technical advancements are resulting in the creation of energy-saving building facade materials. As a secondary source of power generation, these advancements are widely used in a variety of structures. Over the forecast period, the market is likely to develop at a significant rate. This growth may be attributed to increasing consumer purchasing power as well as the necessity to offer a safe working environment.